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A community dedicated to Axis Powers Hetalia's cute, fight, nice guy: America!

~ give me more hamburger! ~

Cute and fighting nice guy, America!
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The America Fan Community

Welcome to Hamburger Street, a community for Axis Powers Hetalia's Alfred F. Jones aka the United States of America~ This adorkable guy needs some more love, and that's what this place is for! All fans are welcome, so grab a burger and fries and join us for some good, old, American fun!

★ Please be kind and courteous to everyone. No flaming, trolling, etc. will be tolerated. If you disagree with someone, that's fine, but there is a difference between a disagreement and a senseless flame.

★ Post content- Anything featuring America is welcome! Fanfics, fanart, doujins, graphics, discussion, some random thought you had while you were supposed to be doing actual productive work- so long as it has America, it's okay! I don't want this place to be srs bzns or anything- just a place for all America fans to come and be adorkable just like him, so most things are okay! Obvious spam will be deleted.

Any pairing is welcome as long as it has America in it.~

★ Large images must be put behind a lj cut. (anything bigger than 300x300 pixels)

★ Please tag all posts accordingly! If you can't find an appropriate tag for what you want, then let a mod know.

★ Downloads and mature content must be locked.

★ Fanfics and doujins must be posted with this format. (Or a close variation)

Link: (or lj cut)

For doujins, please include the circle.

usxuk * AmericaxEngland
denmarkxnorway * DenmarkxNorway
ofscones_vodka * RussiaxEngland
thewarmestplace * RussiaxUkraine
special_sight * CanadaxUkraine
denmarkxsweden * DenmarkxSweden
maplesandroses * FrancexCanada
usaxjapan * AmericaxJapan
snowysiestas * SpainxCanada
sunshineyskies * SpainxAmerica
baltic_nations * A community for Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
jigsaw_nations * OC administrative states comm
raising_states * America Mpreg community
a_moveablefeast * FrancexAmerica
binary_genius * Estonia community
toy_armada * SealandxLatvia
usxliet * AmericaxLithuania
chicksandguns * PrussiaxSwitzerland
awesome_hero * PrussiaxAmerica
fasnacht_day * GermanyxAmerica
maple_fish * CanadaxSeychelles
europesbicycle * Poland community
sadist_otp * RussiaxBelarus
manly_glasses * AustriaxHungary
axe_crazy * Denmark community
fairdinkumbamf * Australia community

Wish to affiliate? Please ask here!

kierwynn (Maintainer)

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